Elkotoca Elite

Elite Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs

Koopa was my first import from the US. He came from Jolin kennels. Thanks again Linda.

This lad is just THE BUSINESS !!! and he knows it. He is extremely bully, 20" at the wither and 92lb of solid muscle. He is the most lovable family dog, he adores us as we do him. He is very sweet natured with our children, the other dogs and animals here literally letting the puppies get away with anything. He is however the most protective dog I have ever owned, knowing who he should watch and when. I know if the need ever arouse he would sort it !!

He is available at stud to very select bitches who must of course be ABBA registered and of the correct age, temperament and type. Proven and has produced some very fine examples of the breed.

    He is just 7 weeks old in these pictures and you could see then that he was going to be very special !! 



                    Koopa's mum. The very beautiful 'Puff'


                   His Dad. This stunning man is 'Turbo'


                   Koopa at 11 weeks old.





   1 year old