Elkotoca Elite

Elite Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs

CONTACT ME AT - Alapahabulldoguk@aol.com for puppy availability.


My puppies are born indoors and I generally spend the first week sleeping in their room myself just to be sure that mum is coping and to help if I need to. Once they are up and about at 3-4 weeks old they will have plenty of handling and interaction with my children and start to explore the world a little more. They will be introduced to as many sights and sounds as possible, including spending time in the garden, meeting the other animals here, from chickens and ducks to horses, having some short outings in the car and a good bath or two. Mum will start to choose more time away from her babies once they are 5-6 weeks old but she will always have access to them whenever she wishes. I do not believe in splitting mum from puppies in a rush to wean them, it is good for them to stay with her for as long as possible and essential for them to learn acceptable canine behaviour. They will be fed a diet of a top quality complete puppy food, Arden Grange Large Breed Puppy.   

They will be wormed with Drontal Puppy every two weeks from birth along with having their little nails trimmed and filed. At 7-8 weeks of age they will go to the vets to have a thorough check over and their first vaccination which they need before being allowed out in public places. They will also be tattooed or microchipped for indentification purposes and weighed before being wormed for the last time before leaving. 

All my puppies will be ABBA registered with outstanding pedigrees from DNA profiled parents. I have NEVER produced a mongrel litter ever or inbred. They are always insured with Petplan for 4 weeks from the day of leaving here and will be sold with a contract. This is to protect them in the future and any new owner must agree to return their puppy to me if at any stage they can no longer look after them, this is not negotiable. I do not want any of my babies to ever end up in rescues or in an unsuitable home. ALL my puppies have breeding restrictions in place which will mean none of my puppies must ever be used to produce crossbred puppies, they must only ever be bred with ABBA registered Alapahas with correct conformation,  temperament and health.

They will of course leave with a puppy pack which will include an information pack with guidelines on feeding, worming, exercise, toilet training, etc and also food, vet bed, chews, toys, collar, etc.

Puppies will be priced from £1000 to the right homes only as the home is always more important to me. I prefer pet homes if possible and registrations will be PET ONLY if you have purchased your puppy as a pet so please be honest about your reasons for wanting a puppy. I am obviously not against breeders and am more then happy to help anyone wanting to breed for the right reasons but you must be prepared to wait for a puppy with breeding potential from me. It is totally unrealistic to think that the majority of puppies in a litter will be showing breed potential and in fact it is more often just 1 or 2 that are the true 'picks of litter'. Obviously all puppies from any litter could be sold to the highest bidder for breeding but I do not believe this will benefit the breed in any way at all. My breeding program is very strict and only the very best examples of the breed with exceptional type and temperament will ever be allowed to produce a litter, by this I will improve my own breeding line and hopefully help other reputable breeders to do the same. 

Full payment must be made before you collect your puppy or in cash on the day you collect. Cheques or other forms of payment cannot be accepted unless time is allowed for the monies to clear before the day agreed for collection.

I offer full lifetime support for all of my babies and if you need any help or advice throughout the puppies life I am here. I would ask that all new owners stay in touch and send regular updates on their new edition :-) 

I will not be breeding Alapahas just to sell puppies, I will only ever breed if I want a puppy to keep from the litter myself and to improve my lines for my own breeding program. In my opinion, anyone breeding just to sell puppies and offering the whole litter before they are born should be seriously thinking about their reasons for breeding. NEVER pay a deposit on any animal until you can actually visit the parents and choose exactly which puppy you will be taking home. You have to be absolutely sure that you are getting the right puppy for you and that is just not possible if you do not even visit the puppy in its home with its parents and siblings.

PLEASE Research your breed AND your breeder.

Make sure you then visit a few and make sure that you ask plenty of questions. Although anyone can  talk a good story it will be obvious by the condition and temperament of their animals whether they are telling the truth. A good website and photos mean absolutely nothing and kind hide all sorts of sins. Any reputable breeder will be pleased that you are asking lots of questions and they will not be at all fazed that you are visiting other breeders but obviously do not ever visit more then one litter in a day as this can spread diseases. Getting a puppy is a huge, long term commitment and it is so important to get it right.

My bitches will NEVER be bred on each season for back to back litters, they are not breeding machines and I will never agree with this practice. There is no reason to breed a bitch on every season, they need time to recover especially in a breed where they have such large litters. The only reason for this practice is money and only performed by puppy farmers and 'backyard' breeders. My studs will also not be available for duties on any bitch that has had a litter within 12 months.